Europe 1348

“Good morrow, Doctor.”

”Good morrow to thee.”

”How goest it?”

”It goest quite well. Methinks I hath developed a preventative for the Plague.”

”Doth it work?”

”Aye. I have administered it to three score folk. All have kept company with folk with plague and only two have contracted it.”

”That be good news. Doth it have side effects?”

“None that we hath seen. Would thee like for me to administer it to thee?”

”Hath thou tested it for long?”

“There hath not been longtime since I developed it.”

”Should not thou Waite?”

”I canst not Waite. Folk are dying.”

”This be imprudent. Thou should Waite.”

”There be no time. All must have it now.”

“Thou canst not tell all to have it now. All hath rights.”

”Art thou more afeared of side effects than of death?”

”Wouldst thou use the vaccine to control us?”

”What the fucke?”

”Wilt thou make us ill with another pestilence?”

”I be a physician. I cure pestilence.”

”Dost thou charge much gold for the vaccine?”

”Nay. I charge little. If folk die, I hath no one to treat.”

”This vaccine may be the Devil’s worke.”

”This vaccine keeps folks on this Earth rather than under it.”

“Methinks I shall Waite.”

”Thou hast no time.”

”Thou mayest be in collusion with the Devil. I shall Waite.”


Plus ca change……


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