NEWS FLASH: Paul Krugman is Finally Worried About America

NY Times Columnist and Nobel Laureate in Economics Paul Krugman has an article in today’s New York Times entitled, “Why I Am Now Deeply Worried For America.”

What took him so long?

The cause of his dismay is that so many Americans are now saying that Joe Biden should step down because he is losing it in terms of his mental capacity…..which is, of course, complete bullshit. Krugman says that he knows Biden and speaks with him privately, and that there is is nothing wrong with Biden’s brain.

Most of us have never met Joe Biden, and most of us never will, but we think we have because we see Joe Biden all the time. Most of us have never met Donald Trump, and mot of us never will, but we think we have because we see Donald Trump all the time.

Who would you rather have dinner with? Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Who would you rather leave alone with your sixteen year old daughter? Who would you rather have in charge of that briefcase that contans the nuclear codes that could set off a nuclear war?

Well, if you aren’t completely insane, your answers would be Joe Biden, Joe Biden and Joe Biden but our collective mass media are painting a picture of Joe Biden as a befuddled old man and we are letting them get away wit it.

The Democratic party is absolutely incompetent when it comes to advertising and public relations….but the Republications are past masters of those skills.

Let’s face facts: Major corporations control mass media in the United States, not because they own the means of production (although, of course, all major media outlets are owned by major corporations) but rather because major corporations control the advertising budgets that support all mainstream media….and Republicans control the vast majority of advertisers whose dollars keep television, radio, cable, and print communications outlets afloat.

Notice that I called them communications outlets, not news organizations,. That because the garbage they produce and publish bears only the slightest resemblance to the actual facts.

Even worse, a majority of Americans are no longer capable of understanding the increasing complexity of the “news” these communications outlets produce because the American educational system is in a shambles precisely because of the Republican party’s largely successful effort to dismantle high quality free public education in the United States, working at the state and local levels to re-write public school curricula  to lower the bar so that everyone can think that everyone is getting an education.

But, in his article, Krugman makes a serious blunder: He cites no authoritative evidence that a majority of Americans are concerned about Joe Biden’s mental acuity. That’s an assertion based on anecdotal evidence rather than statistical data.

Oh, sure, there are polls indicating that there are a lot of people who are worried about Joe Biden’s mental state….but those polls are bullshit. They are bullshit, first of all, because they were designed to ask that question. If I ask you if you think that Donald Trump is a rude son of a bitch, you would probably say, “Yeah, sure,” even if you are wearing your MAGA Hat (because that’s one of the things that the Maga Maggots like about Trump) but the chances are that you weren’t sitting there worrying about Donald Trump’s rudeness before I asked you the question.

The same is true about Joe Biden. Americans aren’t sitting around thinking that Joe Biden should resign because he’s senile…until you ask that question in a poll.

Therefore, any poll that is specifically designed to ask that particular questi0n is invalid before the results are even tabulated.

This is a classic case of confirmation bias, the tendency to seek out, interpret, and favor information that supports one’s prior beliefs or values…but it is difficult to argue against because, as Paul Krugman points out, Joe Biden has struggled against stuttering throughout his life.

When you are a stutterer (and I was one once), you are taught to pause before you speak and to mentally rehearse the words you are about to speak before you say them. Unfortunately, this technique only works for  sentence fragments, not for whole sentences or long, complicated paragraphs of thoughts. That’s why rehearsing an entire speech doesn’t improve the speaker’s performance.

Instead of telling his readers that Joe Biden is in trouble because more and more Americans are thinking that he’s too old for the job (despite being in better health, both physically and mentally, than Donald Trump, Paul Krugman should have spent some of his precious space on the New York Times homepage explaining exactly how Joe Biden has so successfully combatted his stuttering problem throughout his life.

Unfortunately,  most of what you read about how to treat stuttering and stammering – which are really the same thing – is wrong. For example, a search on the internet will turn up articles that suggest that you should slow down your speech and to notice when you are stuttering.

Noticing when you are stuttering makes the stuttering worse, not better. Slowing down your speech doesn’t help either because the process of stuttering  is actually something your brain does to speed up  your speech to match the speed of your thoughts. The trick that I was taught was to so slow down YOUR THOUGHTS by thinking them through before you speak them, which, come to think of it, is good advice for anyone who wants to avoid verbal blunders in order to be understood.

The relative slowness with which Joe Biden speaks has nothing to do with a loss of mental acuity. It is actually the exact opposite because thinking before you speak (a practice that Donald Trump clearly doesn’t practice) makes you seem dumb but helps you to talk smart.

Joe Biden thinks in paragraphs, but he speaks in sentence fragments quite deliberately because that’s what works for him. Donald Trump is the exact opposite. He thinks in sentence fragments that, once they are put together, make little or no sense. Joe Biden thinks about what he’s saying.  Donald Trump talks about what he thinks.

In order to listen to Joe Biden, you have to listen with your own intelligence engaged. In order to listen to Donald Trump, you have to be stupid enough to accept his stupidities.