Totalitarianism is on the rise again everywhere, not just here.

The radical right – call them fascists because that’s what they are – are taking control. Our old ally, Great Britain, is a hot mess. France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador….half of Africa….all turning further and further right of center. And Asia, well, Asia is under China’s thumb.

We have Russia at war with Ukraine while a half dozen separatist movements are beginning to erode Russia. China is verging on bankruptcy. We have Israel at war with a tiny enclave that they could have pulverized in a couple of days, but didn’t because they were trying to have mercy on the civilian population, while elements within Israel are turning it into yet another totalitarian state. And there’s Iran over there, watching, waiting for its chance.


The very strange answer is, “Why not?”

Fascist governments thrive during times of economic, political and social unrest because they all promise to deliver a glorious future through the simple expedient of returning to a previous status quo.

Right now, in the midst of rising economic uncertainties, increasing breakdowns in public services, catastrophic natural disasters, amid predictions for more of the same and worse, the people are terrified.

They are being frightened into the arms of totalitarian dictatorships for the same reason that totalitarian dictatorships always win power: they promise to protect their people from the bad policies of their predecessors.

Here, in the United States, there a significant percentage of the population that wants same sex marriages taken off the books, an absolute ban on abortions, CHRISTIAN school prayer, deep tax cuts that will only benefit the wealthy, elimination of progressive education, the re- re-writing of history itself, the denial and rejection of scientific facts, beginning with irreversible climate change, and regressing back to the biblical creation story, cutbacks or elimination of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, and a hundred other social programs that benefit minorities, immigrants, the poor, the mentally challenged, and the ill.

You can tell which way the wind is blowing by the extent of the antisemitism in the environment. The more antisemitism you see and hear, the more you are seeing and hearing Adolf Hitler being reincarnated right in front of us.

Our new would-be leaders are elitists, racists, misogynists, pederasts, rapists, war-mongers, antisemites, self-aggrandizing, thieving, blood-thirsty….fill in the ones I’ve missed.

Democracy is failing because democracy is, well, ridiculous. Democracy claims to be for majority rule with minority rights. Check your history books, because, from their inception, every so-called democracy has always been about minority rule WITHOUT majority rights.

The United States is not and never has been a democracy, the correct term for which is actually “direct democracy.” Instead, we have always been a “representative republic” in which we elect a small percentage of ourselves to rule over everyone else.

So, what happens next, then?

First, you destroy the newspapers that try to print the truth. (If it’s not in print, it’s just hot air.)

Next, you build a social media monster (we’re in it right now) that overwhelms us with false, misleading, mind-numbing and fact-twisting disinformation that makes it impossible for us to understand what’s really going on.

Then, you expand and diversify the social media monster so that like-minded individuals can’t even find each other any more, friends lose touch, con artists posing as friends sell us bullshit cures for non-existent diseases while telling us not to worry about the poisons in our water, the poisons in our food, the poisons in our air, and the poisons in our medicines while at the same time trying to convince us not to to take the vaccines that do work for the very real diseases that do exist.

The United States has always been a reactionary country. The exceptions to this rule were from 1860 (the beginning of the Civil War) to 1877 (the end of Reconstruction) and again from 1933 (the beginning of the Roosevelt Era) to 1968 (when Lyndon Johnson, the last New Dealer, retired from public life, or maybe it was 1955, when we blundered in to Vietnam.)  At all other times, the United States was a repressive racist regime under the thumb of the Southern Autocracy.

Today, that racist reactionary United States is trying to make a comeback, a return to the days when we took California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado and Nevada from Mexico…and we are not alone in this ambition.

There are ancient empires looking to make a comeback. Turkey, once the Ottoman Empire that ruled Central Europe and the Middle East for 638 years. Iran, once the Persian Empire that ruled the same region for 228 years before succumbing to the Greeks in 331 BC, which is almost equal to the 235 years of our existence as a nation.

France has not forgotten when she ruled Europe. Germany has not forgotten the humiliation it suffered through two disasters world wars and forty-four years of occupation by Russian and American armies waiting for the final showdown at the Fulda Gap.

Russia, of course, has not forgotten the 73 years during which they ruled half of Europe. And there are still assholes in the Vatican who long for the return of the Holy Roman Empire.

And China? China remembers when their Mongol hordes made it all the way to Austria, but let’s not forget when the Moors ruled Andalusia.

In fact, England seems to be the only European nation that has forgotten its Empiric age.

Democracy was a blip in the history of this planet. No empire was ever a DEMOCRATIC empire. The term is an oxymoron, something that cannot be.

The very idea that the people – any people – can rule themselves is an anathema to the ruling classes. It’s an anathema to the Catholic Church (except for this current pope, who is on the way out.) It’s an anathema to the billionaire classes, to Elon Musk, who is now trying to destroy Wikipedia because he can neither buy it nor control it, to Mark Zuckerberg who wants to own our thoughts and the mechanisms we use to formulate them.

I would like to think that the people will rise up and vote right next November…but it doesn’t matter.

If he runs at all, and I hope he does, Joe Biden – win or lose – will be the last democratically elected president of the United States. If he wins, his win will trigger a civil war that we will lose because the police, much of the armed forces, and millions of veterans, are on their side, not ours, along with the judges, 27 state legislatures, and the majority of the news media themselves.

And this is why I keep telling Jews to arm up, because we will be the first to be swept up after the immigrants.