Just Exactly, What Is Obamagate?

In my most recent posts I have  asserted the following:

Trump and the Republicans have nothing left to run on but racism so they desperately need a black face as a campaign target or foil;

Trump will insist on running against the Obama legacy;

And, my most eerie brush with prescience, the facetious prognostication that Trump and Barr would go after Obama for committing a crime of some sort while in office…

So, there you have it. What is “Obamagate”? It’s the ultimate and epitome of the weaponization of the stereotype and implementation of the resulting profile.

‘Obamagate’ is Trump’s new ‘dog whistle’ for the criminal offense of being President while black. He has declared that it should have never happened and it should never happen again.

Apparently that’s his proactive response to the prospect of Biden choosing a black woman to be his running mate….

Yet another of my admonitions: Biden should avoid giving Trump and his racist campaign and his base of racist ‘deplorables’ a real target.

He should not give conflicted and ambivalent white voters cause to become distracted by their own latent racism and racist tendencies and fears.

Biden need not make the race any closer than it is going to be by choosing a black running mate.

The stakes are much too high, and losing is absolutely not an option.


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