Kayleigh McEnany on The Legality of Voting While Black

When she took the position of White House Press Secretary, she lied about “never lying” of her own accord or on behalf of the ‘Liar-in-Chief’…

But then, she lied so much that even Fox News couldn’t take it any more:

Notice the juxtaposition of ‘legal’ v ‘illegal’ re votes cast and votes to be counted….

White supremacist and white nationalist ideology holds that only  votes cast by white people are legitimate and legal.

Whether her message is delivered via dog whistle or bugle horn, the intent is quite clear:

The votes of nonwhites should be discounted, disregarded, and discarded as illegitimate and illegal.

All she has really done is reaffirm the salient fact that without the  votes of black people, there would be a different electoral outcome.





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