Let’s Flip This

I am about to present a fictitious scenario. Hillary Clinton is the star, if the word applies here, of the scenario, but this in no way indicates that Senator/Secretary Clinton would ever behave like this in a million years. I am certain she wouldn’t for a variety of reasons, starting with that she actually has character. 

The results of the 2016 election are reversed and Clinton wins. It’s now 2020. COVID has hit and Clinton says the risk is overblown and advises against either limiting contact or wearing masks. In excess of half a million Americans die from COVID, at least a couple of hundred thousand of whom could have been saved if they did what they could to prevent contagion. (Note that half a million is a much bigger number than the four who died at Benghazi.)

Clinton runs for reelection and loses. She does not, however, accept her loss. She views her loss as fraudulent. In Georgia, which in this scenario is run by Democrats, particularly the election commission, and which in this scenario went for the Republican candidate, the head of the election commission states that he would rather Clinton had won but the votes, very carefully counted and reviewed, say otherwise. Ms. Clinton is recorded on a phone conversation asking the head of the election commission to find her a few thousand more votes. He, having an actual conscience, refuses. 

Clinton’s attorney goes before several judges to make the case that there were a lot of cases of fraud. The judges, overwhelmingly Democratic, say that convincing evidence for this has not been presented, so the case is rejected.

On Jan. 6, Clinton holds a rally at the White House attended by a lot of AntiFa types. She says they should all walk down to the Capitol and stop the vote ratifying the electoral vote because the election was stolen. She doesn’t walk down, they do, and when they get there they break into the Capitol, violently, and start hunting Senators and Representatives whom they are convinced stole the election. A gallows is erected on the Capitol grounds to lynch VP Tim Kaine, who has not gone along with these claims of fraud and is thereby viewed by Clinton as a traitor. The Capitol police don’t get sufficient reinforcements and a few of them are killed. The House votes to Impeach. Sen. Schumer says that while Clinton is guilty of inciting this, she should not be convicted, and he lines up all the Democratic Senators except one to vote against conviction. V.P. Kaine falls in line supporting the former President.

Surviving Democratic Presidents (with the possible exception of Bill Clinton for obvious reasons) do not like what Clinton is doing.

Because the phony claims of fraud are either accepted or various people in state governments in Blue states are interested in winning elections regardless of how the majority of the public actually votes, Blue states start doing what they can to Gerrymander and they reduce the number of polling places in majority Republican neighborhoods and also cut back their open hours. Knowing that lines will be long in those neighborhoods, they prohibit providing people in voting lines at the polls with anything to drink.

The Democratic Party Conference Chair opposes what Clinton is pulling. There is now a movement in the House to oust her as Chair because of her opposition to Clinton’s false claims, which are endangering democracy.

You’re a Republican watching this. What is your opinion of the Democratic Party? Are your differences with them about politics or are they more fundamental than that? 

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