The most blatant racism in Kenosha

The controversy over racism in Kenosha started recently over the shooting of Jacob Blake. I have heard at least one qualified opinion expressed that, given the information we had at the time (I don’t know if new information is available), the lack of validity of the police action in this case may not be completely unambiguous. I am not defending the validity of the shooting; what I am saying is I don’t yet know enough to be 100% sure it’s as blatantly racist as multiple other police shootings. 

And I am absolutely not defending the Kenosha Police Department. Though there may be ambiguity about some aspects of the Blake shooting, there’s none about the department. My indicator for that isn’t Blake, though; it’s a seventeen year old kid by the name of Kyle Rittenhouse, pictured above.

The photo was taken during protests in Kenosha a couple of nights after the Blake shooting. The atmosphere was extremely tense. There was a group of armed White vigilantes ostensibly protecting businesses and as they walk past an armored vehicle we can hear a voice over its megaphone saying “We appreciate you guys. We really do.” Rittenhouse was one of them.

Rittenhouse shot three protestors, killing two. The last two shootings were while he was on the ground, having just fallen while being chased.

After the shootings, Rittenhouse walked past a few police vehicles – armored given where and when they were – and they waved him past. There was shouting in the background by protestors saying he’d just shot people. Here’s my problem.

Can you imagine the Kenosha police waving past a seventeen year old Black kid with that kind of weapon?

Assuming you’re a normal human being who’s answering honestly:

Why can’t you?

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