Are they completely out of their minds?

Today the Israeli government, after being advised by President Trump to ban Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from visiting Israel, banned them from entering Israel.

This is both ridiculous and insane.

  • Since when does the President of the United States set Israeli policy? In this case, his suggestion was instituted within hours.
  • If Israel is going to claim to be so much more democratic and liberal than its neighbors they can’t act as though terrified of dissent because they’re undermining their case big time.
  • This is an insult to the Democratic Party. I realize Netanyahu is thoroughly partisan but if the Republicans lose in 2020, where does that leave the Israeli government if a conservative coalition is in power? This is doubly true if the new American administration isn’t centrist.
  • This is an insult to the United States, certainly to Congress.
  • This gives martyrs to the BDS movement without even harming anyone.
  • This undermines the crap out of the American Jewish Democrats when it comes to Israel. How the Hell are we supposed to defend Israel over this? Why would we want to?

If Netanyahu is thrown out in the near future, a risk he seriously runs at the moment, the consequences of this may be minimized because he’s personally responsible, assuming whoever replaces him reverses this immediately.

Sorry if there’s already a post about this up.