Biden is Having a Hard Day’s Night

Biden’s first year thus far:

The Pandemic and Vaccination

The Economy

The Withdrawal from Afghanistan

The Southern Border

The Hurricane

The Legislation re:

Hard Infrastructure

Human Infrastructure


Voting Rights

Biden’s approval rating has gone from mid to high 50s to a polling average of about 47%….

This doesn’t bode well for Democrats and democracy…

The Democrats must roll up clear cut and decisive wins during the midterms or we run the very real risk of losing more than control of the legislative branch….

American democracy will remain in deep trouble until such time as we can get a handle on the Pandora’s Box of Trump and his followers and close it…

This is not Biden’s job to do alone…

Defending democracy is not one man’s job. Defending democracy is not a spectator sport.

Putting the burden on one man’s shoulders will give the Republican Party the opportunity to bring their three ring circus back to prominence and allow them to turn the government into a disastrous one-man show…

If Biden’s presidency fails it won’t be because he may lack a certain charismatic spark or that he might be wanting in political leadership skills.

It will because we failed as a nation to do all that we could to preserve, protect, and defend our democracy and the democratic principles upon which this country was founded and rests.

The simple fact here is that, if preservation of the American experiment in democratic self governance is our goal and our purpose, failure is not an option…