Guess what other population Trump’s in trouble with?

A poll was just conducted by the Yale School of Management. They polled attendees at Yale’s Chief Executive Leadership Institute CEO Caucus. These guys like Trump because of his tax and regulatory policies, right?


For one thing, they think the way he’s been handling COVID-19 has cost them money. 84% of them thought Trump’s handling of the pandemic cost them business. 86% of them say there would have been far fewer deaths if the White House had been more proactive.

What grade do they give Trump for his handling of the pandemic? 6% give him an A.

55% of them give him an F. 12% give him a D.

How about China? 62% of them said their businesses suffered from Chinese trade practices


78% said Trump’s policies made it worse.

So who are these guys? Among the executives are the people running

Johnson & Johnson
Goodyear (that one should be no secret at the moment)

But now we get to the big questions:

Who are they donating to and whom do they intend to vote for?

In terms of Wall Street donations, you’d think Trump would be doing well. After all, Romney did great, getting something like triple what Obama got. Well, this time the ratio is nearly 5:1

in favor of Biden.

OK, voting. What did these executives say in the poll? Well, if the title of the conference is to be believed, chief executives.

77% intend to vote for Biden.

To my knowledge, that is not a misprint. 77% intend to vote against a blatantly pro-business Republican President who is reducing their taxes and regulation.

How badly do you have to screw up to lose that kind of support?

Now you know.


I heard about this on Daily Kos, but they got it from CNN.