I was casually watching the electoral college thing while doing other stuff. Must have left the room for a bit – gone to the bathroom or something. And suddenly on the TV there are crazies in animal skins rushing thru the Capitol, waving confed flags and shrieking like maniacs.

My daughter next door slept in. Got up, did her morning stuff, got settled in her chair, opened her tablet and – WHAT?! WHAT?!

OTOH, as I am reading now, this was all planned in the open. And no one took it seriously? Capitol police (glorified security guards, or whatever you call those guys in office lobbies, seems like) were left for a couple of hours to fend off screaming crazies…crazies with blessedly fewer guns than one might expect in an American riot… And tr-mp exhorting the troops ahead of time, telling them (lying to them) that he’d be marching right along with them…

In an alternative universe, even worse than this one, a whole lot of the senate got massacred and P-nce was drug out and publicly hung on a gallows conveniently ready out front… and then tr-mp marched in and put on his crown and…

I MEAN, W.T.F.!!!!!

In a way, it was cool for proceedings to resume afterwards and senators to continue with the electoral college thing. But NOT COOL for certain of the senators to get up and vote NAY and blither on with their blither. (Does my heart good to read that H-wl-y and Cr-z are getting denounced, calls for their resignation or expulsion…not so happy to read suggestions that Cr-z get sent back whence he came…WE IN CANADA ARE NOT LETTING DISEASED AMERICANS ACROSS THE BORDER.) (Or much of anybody.)

Now, a little late but whatever, there’s possibility of tr-mp being twenty-fived or impeached again.

Now, a little late but whatever, twitter & other media are shutting off the tr-mp effluvia flow.

Haha, and now there are calls for “moving on” and “re-uniting”… I say (a) nonsense, or (b) at least wait and see if Biden survives the inauguration. Like, there are plans out in the open for that occasion too…

(Meantime, amusing to see some of those nitwits who filmed themselves and celebrated afterwards and unmolestedly flew home now being rounded up. Didn’t realize that for all the noise and both-open&surreptitious support, they’re still outnumbered?)

[Meanwhile…how many covid deaths yesterday?]

This has been an extended tweet.