Kyrsten Sinema: Independent? Lady In Red

The senior senator from Arizona lacks the creds and  chops to be a ‘maverick’ legislator in the manner and mold of the late  John McCain or even a Liz Cheney.

She seeks attention and places herself ahead of party and principles to get it…

She’s awash in more money than her mind can handle and is headed in the direction of Rudy Giuliani, who got so embroiled in the world of mega money for the taking, he forgot who he was, and then lost himself in the process of grabbing at riches and wealth that too far exceeded his wildest dreams…

Here’s an excellent synopsis of her sudden ‘leap’ from the Democratic Party….

Sinema’s an independent because both Democrats and Republicans don’t like her

By Max Burns, Democratic strategist


“Sinema may consider herself a McCain-style maverick, but she’s increasingly looking like a political player out of her depth and in search of a constituency. Her desperate leap out of the Democratic Party will someday make a compelling story for her book. It’s also likely to end her political career.”


She’ll be gone in a couple of years and, if you ask any outspoken Democrat in 2024, the likely response will be, ‘good riddance’.