Politics Girl: Talking Common Sense About Messaging

Political commentator Leigh McGowan is an unabashed Democrat, but she said Tuesday’s poor election showing proved that the party is “always on the defensive.”

This video has gone viral:

What follows is a comment from my previous post. I thought it might bear repeating here:

“In general, the reason the Democratic Party always sounds so helplessly incoherent is because its lawmakers are trying to simultaneously appease their corporate donors and look like they are fulfilling their public promises to fix problems created by those corporate donors.

In most cases, this is impossible. You cannot protect pharmaceutical and fossil fuel industry donors and also reduce the price of medicine and solve the climate crisis. If you try to pretend you can do both, the donors always eventually win out. So you end up talking in circles, complaining accurately about the problems while doing nothing to solve them, and then portraying marginal victories as huge wins to voters who must wonder why their lives aren’t improving.”

In his comment on my previous post on the matter of messaging, Alan Milner stated that:

“…Democrats think they are right, and therefore think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is stupid. That attitude comes across very clearly.”

For quite some time the Democratic Party has been the captive of Ivory Tower and Ivy League elitists who believe that academic pedigrees and credentials are their bona fides re the rectitude of their postures and positions on matters of public and governmental policy.

These latte and limousine liberals and progressives believe that they’re right because they think that they’re smarter than every body else. Their condescension is palpable and often so thick you could cut it with a knife.

These folks would rather win the debate and lose the fight, than to get their designer clothes soiled and  their noses bloodied.

More often than not, politics is a dirty game and the Democratic leadership and their advisors and staffs just don’t seem up it because they’d rather lose the fight gracefully than pivot and punch back viciously….

The Democratic leaders need to learn that graduating at the top of the  class from a top shelf university doesn’t make a top notch communicator who is able to reach and resonate with the average, everyday, American citizen and voter.

Why don’t the Democrats have people like the ‘Brownie Lady’, Kim Jorgensen, and the ‘Politics Girl’, Leigh McGowan on their staffs or as advisors?

Intellectual and academic condescension and snobbishness are as undemocratic as hypocritical demagoguery and pandering.

We’re in a bare knuckles, no holds barred, fight to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and our Democracy.

We won’t win by following the Rules of Debate or The Rules of The Marquess of Queensbury while our opponents conduct a brutally effective asymmetrical campaign of disinformation and misinformation which is predicated on lies and deceit…

We cannot afford to be gracious in defeat.

Losing is not an option.