Question for A Saturday Revised With An Answer

During the 2020 election campaign the Republican Party nominated and ran Trump for reelection without the benefit of a governmental policy platform.

They ran on the strength of Trump’s personal charismatic attractiveness and pull. They conducted and ran their campaign for the Presidency of the United States on what has been dubbed as ‘Trumpism’.

The Trump MAGA movement consists of the following:

White Identity

White Grievance

White Privilege

White Supremacy


White Nationalism

Nowhere in the Trump manifesto is there any sort of reference to Jeffersonian Equality and/or Madisonian Democracy.

The commonplace of lying in public discourse and interaction has made fact and truth unnecessary integers in the political or electoral process.

Transparency in government is characterized as some kind of weakness or flaw that should be minimized or eliminated.

Trump’s following are cultists who have forsaken any semblance of political rationality in favor of their blind fealty and loyalty to Trump and the notion that America, and everything that America represents, belongs to white people.

The reason why ‘Trumpism’ appeals to so many is racism. Trump’s appeal and resonance lies in the fact that he is the racist who has given voice to those who cannot and will not accept America as a multicultural and multiracial Democratic Republic…

These people would cling to their racism rather than preserve their democracy to the point of becoming violent in defense of their bigotry.

So here’s the question:

How do you ‘reason’ people out of a position that they didn’t ‘reason’ themselves into?


I believe that it would take the revelation of the wholesale betrayal of these folks by their ‘leadership’ to dissuade any of the avowed cultists: