Texas, Take 3

God, I’d hate to be a sensible Texan. That has to be a monumentally frustrating experience.

You’d think that with all that weather-related power grid crap that the Texas government wouldn’t do anything else stupid.

You’d think. Well, maybe you wouldn’t, and you’d be right.

It has been announced within the last hour or so that Texas Governor Abbott is lifting all state COVID restrictions on Wednesday.

All of them.

You want to open a bar with no masks and no spacing?

Sure. On Wednesday that will be legal.

Thank God there’s a loophole of sorts:

Businesses can still require what they want. They can enforce mask wearing and spacing in their own businesses. Though that might get difficult if you get someone recalcitrant about not wearing a mask.

Texas has vaccinated seven million people. The population is over four times that, 29 million. Yesterday they had between seven and eight thousand new cases.

I suppose if the Republicans stay in office they could kill off enough Texans to lose a House seat or two. That’s not how I’d like to pick up more Congressional representation. After all, the Texans don’t deserve a Governor who…..uh, wait, Governors are elected, even in Texas….

but that’s sort of how most of the people here felt about Trump. The nightmare of being a Sensible American has certainly become less dire, but I guess in Texas they still have their own nightmares.

In the meantime, if you hear a Texas accent and you haven’t been vaccinated (I got my first dose on Sunday, quite unexpectedly), I’d turn around if I were you.