The Debt Ceiling Addendum

PRESCRIPT (because no one ever reads the postscripts):

Since House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy just barely delivered a compromise deal to extend the debt limit ceiling by wrenching it away from maggots in the Republican party, we have been handed a brief reprieve from the impending avalanche of anticipated consequences from a debt default, which will have catastrophic consequences for the entire planet. If you voted for a Republican in 2022, or stayed home because you couldn’t bear to vote for a Democrat, congratulations. This disaster is on you now Enjoy the consequences.

I have withdrawn from all but the most cursory review of the daily headlines because I am now convinced that the younger generation of “journalists” do not know how to write succinctly and lack the maturity to validate their opinions with the wealth of life experience required to justify their views. I also can’t stand being jerked around by the promotion of false crises that have been invented to gain market shares and publicity points.

Five Democratic senators voted against the vacation of the debt ceiling for a two-year period, taking advantage of the head counts that assured them their nays would not result in the defeat of the measure to bolster their liberal credentials.

Of course, if the vote had gone haywire – if the Republican cohort in the Senate had voted in union against the measure – those five Democrats would have tucked in their tails and voted for the measure because, well, because defaulting on the national debt would – theoretically, at least – have resulted in the collapse of the American economy, taking the rest of the world with it.

Voting against the compromise measure allowed Sanders of Vermont, Warren and Markey of Massachusetts, Fetterman of Pennsylvania, and Merkley of Oregon to buy some cheap publicity that would enhance their images among liberal voters, but those votes also weakened the re-election prospects for a sitting Democratic president by providing ammunition for further detractions from the left edge of the Democratic cohort and perhaps encouraging left-leaning candidates to jump into a must-win race upon which the future of the Republic hinges.

Every time the debt ceiling comes up for renewal, I get sick to my stomach because the useless idiots who infect our political process think nothing of threatening the lives of the 66 million people who depend upon the Social Security and Medicare to which they are entitled by more than eight decades of settled federal law…simply to gain a few popularity points with their respective constituencies.

I’m fed up with the useless idiots.

Aren’t you?