The Myth of the Ideological Center In American Politcs

What or where is the center anyway?

Economically and Fiscally Conservative and Socially Liberal?

Or, is it Socially Conservative and Economically and Fiscally Liberal?

In my view there is no such thing as an ‘ideological center’.

The ideological center is a myth that simply cannot and does not exist in the world of high stakes, prime time  political reality.

This is how ‘centrism’ goes:

We pay a team of firefighters to enter a burning tenement to save the life of a child who the government budget cutters have determined isn’t worth the cost of feeding.

Or, as Joe Biden, the ‘centrist’, would have it :

He’s In favor of the desegregation of public schools. However, he’s against busing, the only viable means of achieving it…

If ‘Centrism’ exists at all it is in the maintenance of a status quo….


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