The Polls & The Possibilities of Presidential Politics

The latest MSNBC, ‘Morning Joe’, scuttlebutt is that Democratic insiders are afraid that Biden’s campaign will collapse or implode, and that if Warren wins the nomination, she will not pivot or tack far enough to the right to satisfy “moderates” or “centrists”….

In the Emerson Poll, New Hampshire: All 2020 Democrats but Warren beat Trump in New Hampshire

Every 2020 Democratic presidential candidate but Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) beat President Trump in New Hampshire in a poll released Tuesday.

In theoretical match-ups, Emerson Polling found that all of the Democratic candidates won out over Trump except for Warren, with former Vice President Joe Biden leading. With a 10-point lead, Biden earned the votes of 55 percent of participants.

On the other hand:

As I’ve been saying: Wall Street Fearful of Warren Presidency

CNBC: Cramer: Wall Street executives are saying Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 bid has ‘got to be stopped’

The Emerson Poll seems to be an outlier:

General Election: Trump vs. Warren Polling Data

Elizabeth Warren has been my pick for President precisely because Wall Street fears her…

My advice to her is: Go for it on your own terms, be yourself, and stay the course….

My question is this: Can Trump cause a surge in political sexism and misogyny sufficiently enough to derail a Warren campaign and candidacy?

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