The Tennessee Expulsion: A Racist Political Lyncnching

I couldn’t do a better job of discussing this atrocious and egregious manifestation of abject racial hatred and bigotry…

Besides, I believe that it is incumbent upon white people to demand better from one another.

At 76, I’m tired of being shunted aside and ignored and told that militant agitation in an effort to reach people through a portal of cognitive dissonance is ineffective and wrong…

But, I won’t quit!

Maybe you’ll lend a more receptive ear to Lawrence O’Donnell:

Why isn’t there an immediate, definite, and discernable outpouring of outrage here on Bindlesnitch?

If you don’t know how, or why, I would ask such a question, you don’t know me at all…

When, oh when, will you white people put an end to this shit?