To anyone still defending Trump

New coronavirus cases on Monday in

France: 580

UK:  564

Spain:  546

Germany:  365

Canada:  299

Japan:  259

Italy: 200  (at one point it was really bad there)

Australia:  158

South Korea:  52

US: 55,300

Just to put this into perspective, the total for France, the UK, Spain, Germany, Canada, Japan, Italy, Australia, and South Korea COMBINED was 3,023.


A lot of the rest of the world is returning to normal. The United States is not. If you needed an unassailable assessment of national leadership, you’re looking at it. And it is continuing, with the President now yanking New hospital data on cases from the CDC. How many reasons could he possible have for doing this?


He wants to be able to lie about the numbers freely.

For whose sake?

Certainly not for the sake of most Americans.

Why should a President who doesn’t do things for the sake of most Americans be reelected?

Ask his supporters. I can’t answer that question.

Can any of his supporters be considered patriotic?

I can’t see how. They’re all willing to sell our country down the river for the sake of being able to freely express and support their bigotry.