Vote The Midterms

“According to a theory from Emory University political science professors Alan Abramowitz and Steven Webster. They say that in the general election, the vast majority of the American public is going to vote they way they’re going to vote no matter what. And increasingly, the way Americans vote is against a party, not for one.

“A growing number of Americans have been voting against the opposing party rather than for their own party…”

Abramowitz and Webster analyzed data from the American National Election Studies and found that, since the 1980s, voters have become incredibly loyal to parties, yet they publicly identify less and less with a party. The amount of voters identifying as independent, but leaning one way or the other, has surged to a record level, they note.

Voters with no partisan preference at all will probably make up less than 10% of the electorate…[T]hey will end up splitting their votes fairly evenly between the parties.

So if everyone’s going to vote the way we predict they’re going to vote, how can we measure which candidate has an edge? Simple, Abramowitz and Webster say: Identify which party has more voters.

That edge, at least before the actual voting, goes to Democrats. A recent Pew Research Center survey they point to found that Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents outnumber Republicans and Republican-leaning independents — 48 percent to 39 percent. But GOP turnout is often higher, particularly in midterm elections. Thus, it largely comes down to which side gets more of its reliable voters to the polls … to vote against the other party.”

Amber Phillips,
The Washington Post

So, here’s a thumbnail sketch or outline of a few reasons to vote against the Republican Party and their candidates during the midterms this November:

The Big Lie;

The Dobbs Decision and Desire to Federalize Anti-Abortion Law;

No Support for Rational Gun Laws;

Inhumane Treatment of Migrants At the Border and Elsewhere;

Defense of Criminal Possession of Classified Documents by Trump at Mar A Lago;

Plans to Terminate Social Security, Medicare, and Veterans’ Benefits;

Democrats and Biden are Delivering Legislative Gains for Average Americans…

If that’s not enough for you,