Voting Rights Legislation: Schumer v McConnell

50% of Republicans believe and adhere to ‘the big lie’…

Fascism is not A governmental ideology as much as it is a political strategy for seizing and maintaining power and control in the face of democracy, democratic institutions, and the rule of law….

While it is said that the truth will prevail, it must also be said that the truth cannot prevail if we don’t know what the truth is…

25% of Republicans believe that violence is the legitimate political response/reaction to the Biden presidency within the context of ‘the big lie’.

25% of Republicans would cling to their racism rather than preserve their democracy.

25% of Republicans would prefer to to return to the time when women were kept in the kitchen, LGBT people were kept in the closet, and black people were kept in their place.

25% of Republicans would accept white supremacy and white nationalism as the overriding principles of American governance as opposed to equality and democracy.