He’s Well On His Way

“When Trump decides to get involved, his base will jump for joy and applaud with glee as he appears to quell the uprisings and disturbances with a show of mindless force that can result in more violence and escalation of the racial tensions that are displacing concerns regarding his administration’s failures re the national health emergency.

All he has left to run his campaign on is racism…

The murder of a unarmed black man by four white Minneapolis cops, caught on tape by a traumatized black teenaged girl, seems made to order for the racist-in-chief who has been looking for a way to change the subject for the past several months….”

This was part of a comment I made 2 days ago on Bitey’s post at:

Curfews Didn’t Work. Now What?

Today, during a conference call with the nation’s governors:

Trump put the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff “in charge”;

He ordered the Secretary of Defense to bring a ‘heavily armed’ active duty army battalion into Washington, DC.;


He “strongly activated” the Attorney General….

Other than to tell the governors that they must ” dominate”, he did all of this without the articulation of a detailed plan of action or statement of purpose as to the authority being invoked or an intended result or foreseeable consequence of the actions taken.

If this doesn’t qualify as a mindless show of force, there’s no such animal.

At least one governor left the conference call declaring that:

“Trump is losing it!”

So, here’s my question:

What could lead that outspoken soul to that conclusion?