• Daytime Moon at Abiquiu
    The daytime moon was visible in Abiquiu while I was there visiting Georgia O'Keefe's home. […]
  • Georgia’s Ladder
    A new painting, and a short description of the events surrounding it. […]
  • Cascade of Quiet
    Still painting and sometimes even still writing about it. Here's the latest one. […]
  • The Internet is our Tower of Babel
    Everybody labels what they don’t agree with as fake news, and misinformation flows much faster than truth, […]
  • Vote The Midterms
    "...Thus, it largely comes down to which side gets more of its reliable voters to the polls ... to vote against the other party." […]
  • A Small {r} Republican’s Argument for Monarchy
    One of the main problems with our constitutional republic, based upon an idea, is that most people are not good with theory and principle […]
  • Let Them Eat Cars
    Being above the law is a privilege reserved to those white folks who believe they're born to rule. […]
  • Some Thoughts on the Death of the ‘Queen’
    Several hundred years of British empire and colonialism and the British Monarchy ensured that the racist rationales and justifications were spread to the four corners of the world. […]
  • In Case You Missed It: The Unveiling
    Michelle Obama calls out, nails, and destroys the sons and daughters of American White Privilege in one of the most insightful and poignant speeches ever given during a special event at the White House. […]
  • Putin’s War Isn’t Setting the World on Fire
    The largest atomic bomb ever detonated was the Soviet Union’s 1961 behemoth, 'Tsar Bomba'. […]
  • Living Wage v Minimum Wage
    The minimum wage does not provide a living wage for most American families. […]
  • What It Costs To Fix a Hernia
    Hernia operations are not as easy to cope with as you've been told. Get a second opinion from a Dr who doesn't do hernias.. […]
  • You Know You’re Getting Old When
    You know you're getting old when you suddenly remember why you are writing a post... […]
  • The Gold Buttons
    Her career was many things, and among them was perseverance.  […]
  • “Activist” Investor Takes a Run At The New York Times
    Activist Investor ValueAct buys a 6.7% stake in the New York Times Company but they are probably not going to be able to change the way the Times operates […]
  • The FBI’s On The Hot Seat – Again
    It's a funny thing. Back in the sixties and seventies, we were all sure that the FBI WAS a criminal enterprise that spent its time spying on the anti-war movement […]
  • BindleSnitch News Digest for August 16, 2022
    Short takes with editorial comments about stories in today's "paper of record." […]
  • Why Trump
    The thing about Trump, the huge thing about Trump, is that he gets it. He’s the Only Sane Politician. Everything that’s obvious to you but not obvious to the politicians and the media […]
  • The terrorist next door
    I didn’t hear anything in the morning when it happened. I was downstairs getting breakfast. I don’t think any shots were fired at the FBI building. […]
  • Important: How to Use Tags Correctly
    Do not use tags for anything other than your byline. We are using tags to build better author pages. Please make sure that you enter your byline […]
  • Rating McDonald’s Mobile App
    What McDonald's offers today simply cannot compare or compete with what McDonald's once was.... […]
  • Another Something to Think About
    What do privacy and democracy have in common? […]
  • And, Stupid People Shall “Inherit The Wind”
    Proverbs 11:29: He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise in heart. […]
  • Journalistic Advocacy in Defending & Preserving Democracy
    As Journalists, neither Thomas Paine nor Benjamin Franklin were objective. […]
  • On Stupidity
     My view has always been that Trump managing to clear this bar only says something about the way that we think about intelligence […]
  • Inflation Is:
    There are some who see making a profit as an element or component of good citizenship and patriotism. […]
  • New Rules for Daily Behavior in a Shooting Gallery
    Highland Park is a Jewish neighborhood. Do you really think that was a coincidence? […]
  • A Poem for the 4th of July
    O, let America be America again— The land that never has been yet— And yet must be—the land where every man is free. […]
  • The Ruling in Dobbs and the 13th Amendment
    An astute constitutional originalist or textualist might easily conclude that forced pregnancy is subsumed into the phrase; "involuntary servitude". […]
  • Thomas is Clueless re Appointment to Supreme Court
    Clarence Thomas is on the Court because he's a special kind of house Negro and a garden variety hypocrite who got lucky... […]
  • Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization
    ...the party of small government and conservative judicial restraint has brought the country beyond autocratic rule... […]
  • The Origin and History of The Big Lie
    “A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.”—Mark Twain […]
  • White Supremacy, The Grift that Keeps On Giving
    Trump has succeeded in instinctively tapping into this American reflex and created a persona made out of political whole cloth. […]
  • A Takeaway from the 1st Jan 6 public hearing
    If Trump was a black man... […]
  • The founding fathers’ implied promise of white supremacy…
    Trump's MAGA movement and cult resonates, either intuitively or instinctively, with nearly half of the predominately white American population who America 'belongs' to white folks... […]
  • Bang, Bang
    You're going on about your business doing ordinary things on an ordinary day when, all of a sudden, bang, bang, bang, bang, your existence is shattered by gunfire. […]
  • Racism and Guns in America
    You want effective gun control? I've said this repeatedly: Advise and urge black people to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms... […]
  • Coach Kerr Speaks Against Republican Inaction On Gun Violence
    In case you missed it. During the pregame press conference ahead of game 4 between the Warriors and Mavericks […]
  • A Question About Evidence, Proof and God
    In 'Faith v Fact', Jerry A Coyne raises a key question: whether the drama of 'creation' inevitably culminates in humans (or something like humans) who are capable of acknowledging the playwright. […]
  • Carlin destroys pro life conservatives in one minute
    The hyperbolic punchline is as apt and accurate today as it was more than 20 years ago. […]
  • An oversimplified juxtaposition?
    The juxtaposition of the terms can explain, to a degree, the Trump phenomenon with a through line... […]
  • Lunar eclipse right now
    Go outside and look up […]
  • My latest thinking on Palestine
    This particular path comes from wondering about Palestinian self-determination. I’ve noticed that the Palestinians seem far more concerned with getting the Jews out of Israel […]
  • Ipswich
    Sometimes age startles me. I’m looking at buildings in the US that were around for at least a quarter of a century before Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi were born. […]
  • A Brief Subject Matter Inventory
    I didn't mention racism in America because there's a racial aspect or component to virtually everything that can be identified for inclusion in this inventory... […]
  • Musicians I found on YouTube during COVID
    Like everyone else, presumably, I spent a lot of time on YouTube during COVID. I ran across a few musicians whom I thought were worth learning about. […]
  • Prohibition, Abortion and The Bad Court
    A leaked memo indicates that five members of the sitting Supreme Court of the United States are on record favoring the reversal of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that made abortion legal […]
  • Ban The Bullets, Not The Guns
  • Fictional Car Facts About Tesla
    A brief note about how the New York Times talks down to its readers with simplistic summaries of complicated stories. […]
  • Selling Wind Power With Misleading News Leads
    Another example of media manipulation, this time from alternative energy advocates. […]


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