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  • Tech Companies All-In on Blockchain Technology
    With cryptocurrencies becoming a serious asset for investors, the concern has shifted from viability to protecting the accounts and transfers of owners. It is estimated that as much as 25 percent of all cryptocurrency is susceptible to hacking, and this has led for a
  • History and Meaning of 40 Day Period of Lent
    Lent officially got underway on yesterday with the Ash Wednesday celebration. This article examines the history and practices of lent, leading up to Easter, the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • A Short History of Adblockers and Their Effect on Us
    The interesting thing about ad blockers is that they don't actually block most advertising. They are specifically designed to block display advertising - and they can only block display advertising when the advertising
  • The Colin Kaepernick Myth Is Dead
    Colin Kaepernick recently reached an agreement with the National Football League that ended his lawsuit, but it is likely that the exposing of the false myth surrounding the quarterback led to him agreeing to sign for a much smaller amount of money.
  • Why Climate Change Arguments Won’t Change the Climate
    We are living through a period in which we are seeing the collapse of the world order that we were born and raised in and watching as it is replaced by an alien socio-economic and political system that we don't even recognize any more. Nowhere is the discrepancy between the
  • Microsoft Removes Apps Connected with Cryptojacking
    Microsoft was forced to remove eight programs from their app store after being notified by Symantec that these programs likely contained malicious malware that could be used in cryptojacking, which has now become the leading cybersecurity threat globally.
  • Patriots Defense Shuts Down Rams to Clinch Super Bowl LIII Win
    When a contest features two of the top five offenses in the National Football League, one would think that offensive fireworks were going to be on display, but Super Bowl LIII proved to be anything but an offensive showcase. The two defenses ruled the day, as the two teams
  • Howard Schultz Could Be the Third-Party Candidate to Win
    The announcement by former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz that he would run for President in 2020 as an independent candidate has sent shockwaves through the Democratic Party. Immediately, it was declared that his entrance into the race would create a sure victory for Donald
  • Mark Zuckerberg Denies Reports of False Facebook Accounts
    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is firing back at reports by a former Harvard classmate that as many as 50 percent of the accounts on the social media website are fake. Aaron Greenspan, a classmate of Zuckerberg, has provided a 70+ page study asserting that as many as half
  • U.S. Close to Withdrawing Troops from Afghanistan
    After nearly 17 years of conflict, the United States looks ready to finally pull their troops from Afghanistan, according to a story in the Washington Post. In an ironic twist, the U.S. has reached an agreement with the Taliban, the group who was behind the
  • Super Bowl LIII: New England Patriots-Los Angeles Rams
    On Sunday, February 3, Super Bowl LIII will get underway as the New England Patriots will square off against the Los Angeles Rams in Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. This will be the third straight Super Bowl appearance for the Patriots and their ninth in the era
  • Tired of Robocalls? Time to #MakeEmDeaf
    While the cellphone has helped to make life a whole lot more convenient, it has also introduced one of the most annoying consequences – the robocall. Everyday, millions of people across America receive automated calls related to insurance, credit cards, finances, and much
  • Journalism the Way it Used to Be
    If you want to understand what has happened to the news, the best way to do that is to compare how news used to be produced against how it is produced today. In 2014, renovation workers removed a time capsule from the cornerstone of the Charles Bulfinch-designed
  • ‘New York Times’ Sinks to New Lows
    The New York Times recent attempt to discredit Donald Trump is another example of how this paper has sunk to the lowest depths of journalism, making it nothing more than the National Enquirer of politics.
  • Big Brother Wants Your Help to Track Down Pedophiles
    It's no secret to anyone that we are all under constant surveillance. London is probably the most surveilled city in the world, with security cameras focused on just about every public place in the city, but most cities are now gridlocked with intersecting security
  • Bad Ending for “Crocodile Dundee”
    Interest in the Crocodile Dundee franchise has been reignited by the strong reaction to a bizarre series of Tourism Australia commercials that first appeared during the 2018 Superbowl broadcast....but what happened to the "real" Crocodile
  • Browns Can’t Win on Field, Look to Win PC War
    It appears the Cleveland Browns appear poised to hire former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to be the new head coach of the team, according to reports released on
  • About Deer Crossings and Hurricane Seasons
    "How do the hurricanes know when to start and stop forming? Do they watch Hurricane Central?" Of course not. This is really a matter of nomenclature rather than the conscious intent of the hurricanes. It turns out that, if a storm develops before May 1st or after November
  • 2020: How the Democrats Are Already Blowing It Again
    This year, in what has been billed (incorrectly) as the most important midterm election in American history, the Democratic party absolutely failed to present the electorate with a national campaign, leaving it up to the individual candidates to put together their own
  • Wanna Bet Democrats Take House? Europeans Do
    While the stakes may be high for Americans, at least politically, millions of Europeans have a different kind of interest in the outcome. They are putting their money where their mouth is and are wagering on the outcome of Tuesday’s midterm
  • I am not important enough to be paranoid – and neither are you
    I am not important enough to be paranoid. In fact, I’m not important enough to pay attention to myself. I don’t even read the stuff I post online. Why should I? No one else does. The idea that we are important enough to be under surveillance is really very amusing
  • Remember This Memory Trick
    human thought is randomized…and we spend our entire lives trying to think sequentially with our randomized brains. Therefore, attempting to solve problems one at time is pointless. Visualize all the parts of the problem. The one for which a solution is ready to come
  • Remember When Trump Blocked Federal Employee Pay Raises?
    Mr. Trump, in his current role as a reality TV star portraying the president of the United States, has decreed that approximately two million federal employees will NOT receive salary increases scheduled for January of 2019,
  • A Star is Born Experience: New Wine in an Old Bottle
    We went to see A Star is Born on its opening weekend and my summary description of the film is that several stars were born in the making of that film, with Oscar whispers already starting for the film, Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga and Sam
  • Stephen Hawking Feared A.I. and Genetic Upgrades
    In Brief Answers to the Big Questions, Stephen Hawking gives his final statements on a number of pressing technological issues that were troubling him toward the end of his life, and for which he wanted to to go on record with his final observations and conclusions.
  • NY Times Explains how Donald Trump Became Donald Trump
    The New York Times has published what amounts to a smoking-gun expose that explains exactly how Donald Trump created his myth and sold it to the American people, but those people who believe that this expose will make any difference to the body politic are about to be
  • Red Sox Hang on to Down Yankees, 4-3, Advance to ALCS
    The Boston Red Sox advanced to the American League Championship series on Tuesday night, holding off a rally by the New York Yankees in the ninth to win 4-3. A three run third inning backed the outstanding start by Rick Porcello and Craig Kimbrel earned his second save of
  • Brock Holt’s Cycle Helps Pace Red Sox Historic Victory, 16-1
    The Boston Red Sox got seven outstanding innings from Nathan Eovaldi and Brock Holt became just the 26th player in Major League history to hit for the cycle twice in his career, as the Red Sox crushed the New York Yankees on Monday night, 16-1. That was the most lopsided
  • Drunk While Flying: Minnesota’s Avian Alcoholics
    There's an epidemic of drunkenness among the younger residents roosting in the small northeastern Minnesota town of Gilbert. where the town's avian residents are dive bombing the human residents of the town, flying around in circles, flying into windows and cars, scaring
  • Judge Provides A’s Verdict as Yankees Advance, 7-2
    It took just four pitches for New York Yankee slugger Aaron Judge to set the tone for Wednesday night’s American League Wild Card game. That was when the Yankees star blasted a two run homer over the left field wall to put his team on top as New York would roll to a 7-2
  • Writers Wanted: Inquire Within
    BindleSnitch is a brand new, collectively owned publishing platform operating on a cooperative, profit-sharing business model where 100 percent of the net profits (after overhead and operating costs are deducted) will be distributed to the members of the BindleSnitch